Man-made covalent monomolecular sheets with internal long-range order (synthetic two-dimensional polymers or S2DPs) have been a long-sought class of synthetic macromolecules with enormous interest with regard to their fundamental properties and potential applications. Recently, a few first instances of this class of molecules were achieved, opening a door for these intriguing targets to the real world. Several groups worldwide with a variety of backgrounds are discovering more candidates, transforming the field into a major research area. Considering these circumstances, the organizers launched the first symposium on this matter in Zurich in June 2014, to pave the way for further success in this direction.


With the great success of the first symposium, we agreed to organize the second symposium to further advance this new field of science and technology. The organizers are convinced of the enormous future impact that synthetic two-dimensional polymers and covalent molecular sheets will have. In particular, they intend to bring together high-caliber international specialists from all fields (chemistry, physics, theory, materials, structure analytics, mechanics, electronics) to discuss the burning questions, ranging from synthesis to structure analysis and from properties, functions, and potential societal impact.

Abstract Submission Deadline:

Postponed to 30th April 2016


June 2 – 4, 2016

Time Table of Scientific Program available


Todaiji Temple Cultural Center (Nara, Japan)
100 Suimon-cho, Nara, Nara 630-8208, Japan
(Todaiji Temple Cultural Center has Lecture Hall (Kinsho Hall), Todaiji Museum, and Todaiji Libraly)
Symposium venue is in the same building of Todaiji Museum which is adjacent to Great South Gate (Nandai-mon)
Precincts guide map of the Todaiji Temple:

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