Synthetic Supramolecular Chemistry Group (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Keiji Hirose)

The creation of NEW material is the best and important mission for synthetic chemist.

In this group, following research projects are executed. The primary works of this group are to create organic NEW material which hasNovel structure, to reveal the properties cased by these structural feature. Especially, the projects which have key-words, "Molecular machines" and "Sensor" are running based on creation of novel molecules with Extended pi-electron systems and use for Precise molecular recognition.

There is a chance for the students to be familiar with the advanced technological facilities and knowledge by joining Hi-Tech research project as educational merits.


Educational Opportunities

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One Day Campus Experience・YumeKagaku 21

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A laboratory on nano-supramolecular bioprocess and bioengineering

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Research and Facilities

Application of Molecular Sensors

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Supramolecular Arrays

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